Online VAT-Free Event Terms

Terms and Conditions of the Online Vat-Free Event (20th September 2018 to 21st September 2018)

These terms should be read in conjunction with our standard terms of online trading here

  1. The event is predominantl​y an in-store event at our stores in Bristol, we have however, as a service to customers online made the same prices avialable. It is an honest attempt at supplying our customers however it should be bourne in mind
  • VAT is still being paid on the items. The offer is the equivelant of the VAT being removed which is the same as a 16.6667% discount from the inc VAT price. (All frieght, etc will still, have VAT at the standard rate added, as will the items after the applicable discount)
  • All orders are accepted on an 'invitation to treat' basis
  • We cannot guarantee any product is in stock, even if indicated on the web site as such, as the in-store event is fast moving and dynamic​
  • We reserve the right to reduce the quantity of any line
  • We reserve the right to decline whole orders for any reason, these are events such as, but not limited to, incorrect discounting or pricing (this is done by automatic process), doubt over legitimacy of funds, etc.
  • Delivery WILL be protracted, again the event in-store takes priority and any online orders will be picked as soon as possible after
  • If orders are declined or quantities altered after the order has been placed you will be notified by the email address or phone number provided and any refund necessary made.

If you have any doubts or questions on items the best course is to attend in-store or at least phone either of our Bristol numbers to ascertain the position of stock and price.

Thank you